shutterstock_177535688As the use of mobile devices and applications continues to expand, outsourced managed mobility services (MMS) are becoming increasingly popular. Managed services help lower mobility expenses and reduce stress on IT teams. Using managed services, businesses can better focus on business tasks rather than mobility, helping encourage growth.
MMS Basics
MMS are provided by a third party service. Vendors normally adhere to a service level agreement (SLA) and provide services according to specific business needs or subscription models. The right managed service provider (MSP) will be able to manage more IT tasks so businesses can focus on their area of expertise.
There are several questions a company should ask before deciding on a MSP.
Who Actually Provides Managed Services?
While many vendors provide services directly, some MSPs only work through other third party companies to deliver them, while claiming to do it all. Businesses should choose a provider that can offer services directly for seamless delivery, or go with a third party reseller that helps find the right provider and offers ongoing support.
How Much Expertise Do They Have?
Business managers should perform thorough research to determine a MSP’s level of expertise. Mobile device management (MDM) providers can be reliable sources; they may have a good relationship with their MSP and can offer a recommendation. MDM vendors can inform business managers about the provider’s ability to deliver services that go beyond simple device management, such as provisioning, kitting, or security applications.
How Do They Maintain Their Services?
Experienced MSPs take sufficient quality control measures to ensure that their services are consistent. ISO certifications and other standards will indicate proficiency in this area.
How Good Is Their Service Level Agreement?
It’s important that nothing is hidden in the SLA. Both parties should have a clear understanding of what the SLA entails, and companies should be able to look over any available performance records to review past performance.
Are Services Scalable?
When choosing a MSP, businesses should make sure that mobility services can adapt to the company as it grows. Businesses with goals of international expansion should determine if the provider is capable of handling international services. Each country has specific security, governance, privacy, and security requirements so it’s important that the provider comprehends and adheres to them.
Certain businesses may not even require outsourced mobility services. Based on the size of the business and the available costs, it may be better to stick with in-house mobility services. However, a reliable MSP can help many businesses grow and better focus on products and services.