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The Focal Solutions team is committed to your business’s success. When you choose us as your trusted partner, you are choosing to extend the range and value of your own team; we are not just an advocate for your business—we consider ourselves part of your team.

Focal Solutions aims to empower our clients by matching their needs with the best network and technology solutions. We simplify the network and service selection and deployment process for you and ensure that you have all the tools, knowledge, and information necessary so that you can confidently maintain your business’s technology projects. Ultimately, you will save money, time, and gain peace of mind by partnering with Focal Solutions.

Chad Jacobs | Focal Solutions, LLC


Unbiased Telecom Guidance

Your needs top the list of our priorities. We are carrier-neutral and have built relationships with all the major telecom carriers so that we can obtain the best provider for you—at the best price.


We hold carriers accountable. We ensure that they follow through with all promises. We monitor carrier installation, delivery, and performance to ensure that it all meets your expectations.

Depth of Knowledge

We apply our market know-how for your company’s benefit. We know trends. We know how products perform. We know what the best prices are.

Long-Term Advocacy

We build relationships with clients, and those relationships continue for the long term. Whether you have maintenance, billing, or life cycle management concerns, the Focal Solutions team is here for you now and in the future.

Peace of Mind

We relieve you of the telecom burden so that you can focus on what really matters—the core of your business.

Focal Solutions Leadership

Chad Jacobs

Chad Jacobs


Chad Jacobs officially turned his vision of building a customer-centric technology agency into a reality in 2007, when Focal Solutions gained status as an independent, private company. That vision, however, had been taking shape since 2002, when Chad joined Pillar Communications, a Phoenix-based VAR. There, he built on his experience of having previously managed accounts at Global Crossing (now Lumen) and MCI (now Verizon) and witnessed the need for businesses to have a trusted, carrier-neutral advocate who would put their best interests at the forefront.

Nichole Arevalo

Nichole Arevalo

Sales & Service Manager

Nichole Arevalo joined Focal Solutions in 2009 as the Sales and Service Manager, specializing in project management, account lifecycles, and customer coordination assistance. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Nichole manages installations, billing, repair tickets, escalation assistance, as well as account moves, additions, and changes. Nichole ensures that clients receive the excellent customer service that Focal Solutions is known for, and implementations that exceed their expectations.

“Our firm has been working with Chad and the Focal Solutions group since 2015 when we engaged them to help us move from a premise based Contact Center solution to a cloud based platform.  Their subject matter knowledge, industry connections and depth of experience have added tremendous value in the design and resourcing of our telecom/contact center strategy and partnerships.  Along with the additional operational capabilities and efficiencies we gained from our initial move to a CCaaS model, in our last renewal cycle, with their help, we achieved almost $100K in additional annual savings.  We won’t pursue any new telecom approach or key vendor relationship partnership without Focal Solutions.   They have become a long term, integral extension of our team.”

Large Affinity Marketing and Administration Firm

“Anyone made responsible for the technology services of their business knows how complex it can be. From complex bills, unexplainable tariffs, taxes, to the need to manage installation, and provider change processes that are problematic, it takes a very specific skill set to accomplish all of these challenges with an in-house employee. And when you want to consider new services, lord knows how much time getting an apples to apples comparison of what you’ll get and the reoccurring costs is a tiresome nightmare.

I’m happy to share with my colleagues that there is a better world. A world where these skills sets exist and bills make sense. A world where order issues and roadblocks are made transparent to me, my team, and, most importantly, my business. A world where new needs can be met and an accurate comparison of not only fixed monthly costs, but the variable factors can also be considered in the mix, like a Travelocity for Cloud Services. That world is made possible by my business partner, Focal Solutions.”

VP Information Tehnology
International Medical, Security and Travel Safety Provider

“I commonly refer to Focal Solutions as the best decision I made in 2012. On the eve of a major telecommunications implementation, in which the carriers were already selected, I questioned the need to hire a telecommunications agent. After all, we already vetted the data and voice carriers, which was one of the first major hurdles of the initiative. I talked with a number of agents in the preceding six months and I was not convinced there would be a benefit to taking on and managing an agent. Something clicked in my conversations with Chad and it became evident that we could benefit from their project management skills, and boy, did we ever.

Delays with one carrier led to an overlapping of two telecommunication projects covering 25 locations within an intense 5 month period. Focal Solutions was on top of it all! Chad and Nichole’s attention detail and project management acumen allowed my staff to stay on point with their daily tasks. They managed the scheduling, the project timeline, billing review, carrier follow-up discussions, and were present on every cut-over call. I didn’t have to “manage” them at all. Their industry skills and professionalism favored us immensely as they advocated for our benefit throughout. We would have never successfully completed the project if not for Focal Solutions. Through their efforts we have been able to save time and money.

Since then Focal Solutions continues to partner with us and work closely with our carriers on trouble tickets, billing issues, and reviewing additional services. They perpetually demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence and as a result now represent our company in all telecommunication matters. We thoroughly trust their judgment and expertise. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Focal Solutions to any company that seeks a valuable resource to research, initiate, manage and support their data and voice services.”

VP of Information Technology
Major Distribution and Sales Company

Conducting an apples-to-apples comparison of telecommunications data and voice offerings including services, costs, and ancillary fees can be a complicated and time-consuming task for any IT department. Focal Solutions made it easy by creating an analysis of relevant information from multiple vendors. When it came time for negotiations, Focal Solutions helped negotiate terms that worked best for our company while eliminating or reducing the fees we would have otherwise paid. After making a final decision, Focal Solutions managed the project every step of the way to ensure our success and happiness. Thanks to Focal Solutions, we have a faster and more robust network and are saving more than $360,000 per year.

Leading Content Marketing Firm

Being in IT management for over 20 years I have never worked with a telecommunications VAR that has brought much to the table. I have always had better luck both from a pricing and service perspective working directly with the various carriers. When I looked into Focal Solutions that all changed. They were able to get me better pricing than going directly to the carrier but that turned out to be the least of the benefits they brought to the table.

The service from the Focal Solutions team is second to none. It is like having an extension of my own internal IT staff. From installation, billing and assisting on trouble tickets they are on top of it constantly communicating with me and assisting in pushing things to resolution. No matter where I am at in my career I will always make sure Focal Solutions and team are with me.”

VP of IT
Major Waste Management Company Waste Industries

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