shutterstock_202503688The technology that businesses rely on has seen dramatic changes. Many businesses that used to rely on phone systems and IT teams independently have merged both. Traditional phone systems have given way to cloud-based VoIP and Unified Communications (UC), increasing efficiency in communications. IT departments are responsible for managing UC, which involves the use of the Internet, WiFi, high-speed connectivity, and more. UC has made it easier for customers and employees to communicate with companies.
Here are some more specific reasons why businesses should utilize this evolving technology.
Businesses Can Track Customers
UC allows companies to observe their customers’ online activity as it pertains to their business. With a rich online presence, companies can keep track of each customer to ensure services or assistance are properly received and expectations are met. UC can link customer presence information with business applications such as calendars, which makes it easier to see when customers are available for contact.
Applications Stay in Sync
Certain software-based UC solutions can work with many different apps. All connected applications can stay in sync with each other, allowing for more personalized customer interaction that helps ensure satisfaction.
Tailored Customer Communication
With UC, businesses can use applications to identify and keep track of more important customers. This can help make sure that they aren’t kept waiting.
Workforce Virtualization
Another benefit is the ability to seamlessly virtualize a company’s workforce. Customer service employees can connect with customers or each other face-to-face, and employees will also be able to work away from their desks. When employees and customers interact more quickly and directly, it can improve overall productivity.
International Business Is Easier
With UC implemented in international business operations, communicating with foreign employees or customers in different time zones is more efficient. For instance, if an employee works in a different time zone on another shift, call routing can easily redirect customers to available representatives. Customers might reach a call center or even an employee working from home.
Unified business communications means more overall efficiency and profitability. Along with streamlined business operations, companies can benefit from systems that readily adapt as the business grows. Working with the right UC service provider can also eliminate the need for in-house IT management. This can allow businesses to focus more on developing their products and services. In addition, customers will benefit from simpler and faster communication and are more likely to become repeat customers as a result.