focalCloud provider solutions sometimes try to make one size fit all, but not all plans are created equal. A large corporation has different needs than a small company, so what works for one may require adjustments from another. Not all adjustments are efficient or beneficial. And without the right provider, needs may be unclear and unmet while productivity suffers.
Consider these five tips for finding the best cloud provider:
1. Trust and Accountability
Choosing a cloud solution provider is an investment that requires trust and allows a company to establish expectations. Like any other business partnership, both parties should be able to depend on the other to deliver. This means a business may have faith its needs will be addressed and professionally handled, and the provider can trust the business to pay the agreed compensation for the length of the contract.
2. Customization and Flexibility
A cloud provider solution should be packaged to meet the individual needs of each business. However, a company should not just depend on the provider’s solution. It’s important to research competitors and find out what specific applications meet the requirements of the business model and overall goals. A cookie-cutter solution will not take unique needs into account. Smart companies choose a cloud provider willing to design a solution that not only fits the business model, but will help maintain efficient operations with little to no extraneous effort.
3. Budget-Friendly
A budget is necessary for growth and sustainability, but staying on track with expenses can be a challenge. Determining a cloud solution budget is essential to choosing what applications are necessary and knowing what can be deferred until later. A pay-as-you-go cloud solution is often the best choice for adjusting to growth and changes in the market, as well as providing flexibility for the future. It’s essential that a business find a cloud solution provider that will work with the budget until the right plan is developed that best fits the business.
4. Communication
Switching to the cloud requires a provider that is ready to train, always available, and quick to address issues. Do not accept a solution provider that requires employees to fumble through instructional handbooks or long, confusing online tutorials in order to find solutions to difficult problems. The right cloud solution provider will be easy to reach or offer an on-site presence to handle the initial transition and help the business cross over with little to no discomfort.
5. Progressive
The cloud solution provider a business chooses should also be forward-thinking and eager to keep up with innovative advancements in technology. The right provider will ask questions, consider unique requests, and improve solutions and packages to exceed basic needs. This progressive attitude helps a business stay ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art technology.
Finding the right provider for cloud solutions requires research and a strong grasp of a company’s business model and goals. Rather than accept a generic solution with low adaptability, a business should inquire about a provider’s track record with customer satisfaction and clearly communicate its needs and budget. A company that makes sure its chosen cloud provider is reliable and provides superior communication is much more likely to enjoy business flexibility and success.