Cloud Services

As cloud technology continues to improve, more businesses are adopting cloud solutions to become increasingly operationally efficient.

Focal Solutions helps you identify the cloud services that could most benefit your company. Then, we locate the carrier that will fulfill your specific cloud service requirements.

Focal Solutions will help secure you any of these cloud solutions.

Companies choose Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) so that they can outsource equipment used to support cloud storage, hardware, networking components and servers. Clients normally pay on a per-use basis for this service.

Software as a Service (SaaS) benefits a business because a vendor hosts the software applications, which are made available to consumers through a network. SaaS is becoming increasingly popular as a software delivery method, mainly because of its compatibility and ease of administration.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a convenient way for businesses to use hardware, operating systems, network, and storage capacity without actually purchasing them. Companies sometimes rent PaaS capabilities to run current applications or to test new ones.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows a business to host virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) by a cloud service provider. Small to mid-size businesses choose DaaS when they want virtual desktop infrastructure but need to cut costs associated with in-house VDI deployment.

Data Center Solutions
In the cloud era, optimizing your data center is essential so that you can plan for current and future demands of your business. Data center solutions maintain virtualization, convergence, and consolidation for your data centers. Businesses that don’t want to spend time and energy updating their data centers will want a cloud service provider to manage that work.

Disaster Recovery
In the event of server crashes and other unexpected losses of data, particularly when big data is involved, many cloud service providers offer disaster recovery services. With this service, the provider will back up all data in order to help you recover quickly from data loss that might otherwise devastate your business.


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