About Us

Making Telecom Easy
The Focal Solutions team is committed to your business’s success in all areas of telecom deployment. When you choose us as your trusted telecom partner, you are choosing to extend the range and value of your own IT team; we are not just an advocate for your business—we consider ourselves part of your team.

Focal Solutions aims to empower our clients by matching their needs with the best network and telecom solutions. We simplify the network deployment and maintenance process for you and ensure that you have all the tools, knowledge, and information necessary so that you can confidently maintain your business’s telecommunications projects. Ultimately, you will save money and time–and gain peace of mind—by partnering with Focal Solutions.

What can you expect from us?

  • Unbiased telecom guidance: your needs top the list of our priorities. We are carrier-neutral and have built relationships with all the major telecom carriers so that we can obtain the best provider for you—at the best price.
  • Accountability: we hold carriers accountable. We ensure that they follow through with all promises. We monitor carrier installation, delivery, and performance to ensure that it all meets your expectations.
  • Depth of knowledge: we apply our market know-how for your company’s benefit. We know trends. We know how products perform. We know what the best prices are.
  • Long-term advocacy: we build relationships with clients, and those relationships continue for the long term. Whether you have maintenance, billing, or life cycle management concerns, the Focal Solutions team is here for you now and in the future.
  • Peace of mind: we relieve you of the telecom burden so that you can focus on what really matters—the core of your business.

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Focal Solutions Leadership

Chad JacobsChad Jacobs – Co-founder
Chad Jacobs officially turned his vision of building a customer-centric telecommunications agency into a reality in 2007, when Focal Solutions gained status as an independent, private company. That vision, however, had been taking shape since 2002, when Chad joined Pillar Communications, a Phoenix-based VAR. There, he built on his experience of having previously managed accounts at Global Crossing (now Level 3) and MCI (now Verizon) and witnessed the need for businesses to have a trusted, carrier-neutral advocate who would put their best interests at the forefront.

The framework Chad put into place at Pillar Communications became Focal Solutions in 2007 when Chad joined forces with Steve Jorgenson who shared the same vision. With the addition of Steve Jorgenson, Focal Solutions focused on solving businesses’ network-solutions dilemmas and locating the best network services for their present and future needs. Customers responded with repeat business and referrals, proving the depth of need and gratitude for the Focal Solutions partnership, which provides a single point of guidance when choosing voice and data solutions.

The continued growth of Focal Solutions is a result of the demand of clients, who value the company’s commitment to customer service and who trust the Focal Solutions team to empower them with the industry knowledge necessary to make the most optimal choices for their business needs.

Steve JorgensonSteve Jorgenson – Co-founder
Steve Jorgenson has 19 years of experience in telecommunications and co-founded Focal Solutions with Chad. His business acumen and long history in technology-based businesses have helped propel the company into the success that it is today. Steve’s previous work included co-founding an IP telephone company for 3rd Wave Solutions now named Altivon. For 18 years, Altivon has provided telecom equipment service to midsize and large companies all throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Nichole GutierrezNichole Gutierrez – Sales and Service Manager
Nichole Gutierrez joined Focal Solutions in 2009 as the Sales and Service Manager, specializing in project management, account lifecycles, and customer coordination assistance. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Nichole manages installations, billing, repair tickets, escalation assistance, as well as account moves, additions, and changes. Nichole ensures not only the excellent customer service that Focal Solutions is known for, but also that clients receive the highest-quality solutions–ones that exceed their expectations.


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