4 Steps You Can Take to Streamline Your Data Analytics

DataThere are challenges in adopting a data analytics strategy, especially in terms of answering the difficult questions every organization tries to tackle with their data in real-time. Interoperability can’t be the sticking point if you’re going to succeed.

Are you trying to decide how to best adopt data analytics strategies while expecting the solution to be simpler than the problem itself? Unfortunately, all workable solutions come with a high degree of research. But it doesn’t have to be one long laborious undertaking – it can be accomplished in steps.

1. Define data goals as they relate to where you want to land. What is your current state and what do you wish it to be after you’ve analyzed the data? Asking this question can give you a more objective look into how you should approach data analytics, simplifying your approach to developing a strategy. You need to place a great deal of importance on plausible elements that are advancing your organization and/or holding it back. Don’t put one over the other – look at the good and bad at the same time.

2. Engage the right stakeholders to see where your current decision-making process is taking you. Which of your wins are the most tangible, and which ones impacted the top line? When you look at data related to this, you can gain a better understanding of why your decision making was effective.

3. Drill down on questions that help create more accurate models. One of the most important strategies you can build within your data analytics process relates to asking questions that can be answered by data analytics models that are built with your outcomes in mind. This process becomes more efficient if it begins with your IT team involved in defining goals.

4. Be willing to recalibrate as needed. You might find that as you’re advancing in your strategy, various goals will change. Be willing to roll with the changes as new ideas and evidence come to light. All data-driven results deserve close observation and a flexibility that will allow your organization to evolve as you learn more about what’s driving change.

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