Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Technology Work Together to Bring Value to Your Business

Enterprise mobilityTwo trends currently shaping IT environments are the demand for enterprise mobility and the shift to cloud technology. They are complementary in nature, driving cost savings, employee flexibility and increased productivity.

Here are three factors influencing the side-by-side increase of enterprise mobility and cloud technology:

It’s the mobile age: Mobile devices are claiming more and more Internet traffic, with users far preferring to browse the Internet using a tablet or their phone over a laptop or desktop computer. The trend allows for greater connectivity for the workforce, significantly increasing the number of productive work hours each week.

In addition to connectivity, companies also have the ability to mine important information related to consumer behaviors and employee processes via mobile technology.

Remote and field workers aren’t going back to the office: Mobile and cloud technology have made it convenient for a significant segment of the workforce to increase productivity without ever entering an office building. These workers are able to access the same information through mobile enterprise technology that’s stored in the cloud and never have to come to the office to finalize a form or enter data.

A convergence of data unity: Another factor influencing the increase in mobile-first priorities and cloud technology is the ability to manage security and data across a variety of devices and users in the cloud. Managing these elements with on-premise software is complex and time-consuming, but it’s streamlined with a cloud solution that unites every user and device under one umbrella.

Implementing a mobile-first cloud solution gives you added value in these areas:

Cost effectiveness: With little-to-no investment in hardware, a scalable subscription monthly fee and none of the hassle of updates, cloud solutions are an affordable alternative to on-premise software.

Increased productivity: With connected workflows, seamless integration and other removals of barriers and bottlenecks, companies that embrace cloud software experience increased productivity.

Remove the burdens: Your cloud provider handles implementation and updates, removing significant interruptions in business processes.

Accessibility: A mobile enterprise cloud solution enables your staff to work from anywhere, any time. Not only is there a centralized system for managing data, but your staff can access and manipulate data while out in the field or working remotely.

Refined sales targets: The use of mobile technology and customer-focused apps allows you to mine information that can transform your sales approach. You’ll know more about the activities and behaviors of those that visit your app or website and be able to pinpoint more clearly the conversion from lead to customer.

Focal Solutions works as your partner through your mobile enterprise cloud solution implementation. From helping you to find the service that will be most beneficial to your company, to coming alongside you through the process, Focal Solutions works with you to ensure a seamless transition and operation.

Keeping Hardware Secure in an Age of Insecurity

SecurityCybersecurity hot topics change rapidly as innovative and bold hackers seek to undermine the security of networks and gain leverage by hijacking critical data. Adware and spam fears, while still relevant, have given way to more intense security threats with the advancements in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The question now has become, what can we do to provide security that will adequately protect our hardware? The security landscape has changed in a short period of time, barely resembling what it did five years ago. Part of the reason for this change is the proliferation of hybrid IT and cloud-based solutions, which has created a situation where data centers are moved off premise.

To make this even more complex, mobile devices have altered the way we access data, which means corporate devices have far exceeded what they did a decade ago. This means there are just as many new ways in which employees can introduce a security risk, especially in a BYOD environment.

Meeting the Security Challenges at the Hardware Level
The goal for most security professionals is to catch the threat the second it makes itself known on the network. However, if hardware and firmware aren’t up to speed with security solutions, that threat may not be detected until it’s far too late and your data is completely compromised.

Recently, organizations have witnessed DDoS cyberattacks that are driven by IoT devices. IoT has become the target for hackers who recognize this area as an obvious weak spot. There is such a big focus on software security that many organizations fail to see the importance of focusing on hardware as well.

To get ahead of these attacks, some companies are turning to analytical solutions that allow them to monitor behavior in such a way that the system can identify potential threats before they get in and damage the network. The challenge with any type of solution, however, is to stay ahead of the advancements hackers continue to make in their own ingenuity.

The hacking capabilities of experienced and malicious programmers continue to advance among the intricate cells that exist around the world, with many of them focused on hitting companies where it hurts the most – hardware. Damage to legacy hardware can not only stop operations, it can also mean proprietary information, processes and even systems are taken hostage. It’s not unheard of for companies to fall victim to such attacks and never fully recover. 

The best solution is one that addresses software, hardware and firmware security solutions. If you’re relying on traditional solutions, the reality is you’re at serious risk of being compromised, which can be devastating.

At Focal Solutions, we offer comprehensive consultant solutions that strengthen your system as well as your team. We will focus on bringing you business success in all areas of telecom deployment. Contact us today and make us part of your team.