Business Ethernet Aliases Demystified

Business Ethernet is synonymous with lightning fast speeds for Internet connections. With so many different names and aliases, however, it can get confusing for business owners that just need fast and reliable service. It is important to be able to differentiate between these different names to ensure timely and informed purchasing decisions.

Fast Ethernet Services

Fast Ethernet is geared toward customers that need Internet bandwidth that is less than 100 MB. With some carriers, however, fast Ethernet is offered at less than 50 MB. These services are mainly delivered via copper or fiber lines for businesses requiring fast connections. There are, however, some crucial aspects to know when opting for these services:

  • Fast Ethernet is considered the most cost effective high-speed Internet option on the market today.
  • These services are much faster than traditional T1 lines for new and existing businesses.
  • While fast Ethernet only goes up to 100 MB, it is more cost efficient than multiple DS3 lines and circuits at 45 MB each.


Gigabit (GB) Ethernet

If a business needs more than 50-100 MB of bandwidth, GB Ethernet is the right choice. These services are exclusively delivered via fiber optics as opposed to conventional copper lines.


Metro Ethernet Services

Metro Ethernet, or Metro-E, is a service that is available in large cities or metropolitan areas, and the demand for it continues to soar. There are several benefits of using Metro-E, including:

  • Much of its infrastructure is already in place to provide high levels of connectivity for local businesses.
  • Installation times are faster than other services, and often the build-up costs are smaller or even waived.
  • Metro Ethernet features several bandwidth and service options, making it the perfect choice for new and existing commercial ventures.


Ethernet over Copper Services

Ethernet over copper services are extremely cost efficient and offer better Internet connectivity than traditional T1 or bonded T1 lines. Like the name suggests, Ethernet is provisioned over traditional copper lines and installation usually takes around 40-50 days. This may seem long, but it is actually less than other larger Ethernet circuit installations for homes or businesses. And while the services cost less than larger bonded circuits and are easier to manage, it is important to note that bandwidth is limited to only 10-15 MB.

With so many Ethernet names and options available, the final verdict depends on client needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more about getting the right speeds – at the right prices.

Formulating a Strategic Security Plan

Cyber security threats continue to impact countless networks and IT servers. From viruses to foreign intrusion, web-based invasions are of paramount concern for security professionals and firms. According to a recent IASCA survey, 74% of cyber security managers expect to be attacked in 2016.

It is critical for enterprises to formulate sound security strategies this year. Without a comprehensive and cohesive security platform, all new and existing firms are susceptible to:

  • Viruses and intrusion that steal and expose confidential information
  • Customer information theft and trade secrets exposure
  • Complete lock down of all cloud-based servers, software apps, and hardware

In order to combat the growing number of cyber security threats, businesses need a formidable defense plan that offers optimal online protection of all networks and assets.


Assessing Vulnerabilities

The first step to deploying sound security measures is to assess current platforms. With an experienced security firm, clients are able to analyze all vulnerable areas. This can reinforce anti-virus and anti-malware programs while truly protecting the business against cyber crime. Without a field-proven, cost-effective, and customized security solution, companies can experience:

  • Online reputation damage and loss of brand and company validity
  • Exposure to liability and loss of clients due to sensitive information breaches
  • Viruses and malware that can serve as phantom solicitors for new business, resulting in costly damages and irreparable harm


Scanning E-Mail Attachments

As simple as it may seem, scanning all incoming e-mail and attachments is still a great security measure. Sadly, many unscrupulous individuals and companies utilize e-mail for viruses, phishing, malware, spyware, and spamming. As a result, it is imperative for all brands to employ strategic security techniques to ensure optimal safety across the board.

Firewalls Are Still Essential

Firewalls are vital in preventing unauthorized network access. They also prohibit access to inappropriate web content while restricting infected file downloads. Firewalls ensure optimal security for corporate IP and VPN networks. Most of all, these security tools ensure:

  • Protection from legal, regulatory, and productivity threats
  • Employees abide by stringent rules, guidelines, and regulations when surfing the web
  • Maximum protection from deceptive websites, links, or social media content


Denial of Service

In recent months, countless sites have been impacted by Denial of Service (DoS) hacks. These methodical techniques are utilized by hackers to bring company operations to a screeching halt. This has resulted in millions of dollars in damages, along with irreparable harm to a number of companies’ online reputations. DoS attacks continue to soar in popularity, and are now the preferred choice for hackers that want to hold businesses hostage and receive money to discontinue the attacks.

It is of paramount importance for businesses to discuss these ongoing problems with security providers. To learn more about formulating a strategic security plan,  contact us today.