​Empowering Business Growth with WebRTC

shutterstock_342473681During its five years of existence, Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) has steadily grown in popularity among businesses. The ability to access real-time voice and video calling through a browser or mobile connection is changing the face of productivity in a variety of industries. This steady growth is directly related to the improvements in efficiency that businesses realize by utilizing this effective tool.


WebRTC applications enable streamlined activities through live interaction with clients and remote workers. Businesses are able to drive revenues and improve customer service performance with enhanced communication while reducing costs. As such, many service-based businesses and retail establishments have been quick to recognize and implement this technology.

Lower Capital Expenditures

To remain competitive, retailers and other enterprises must permit toll-free calling for customer service inquiries and other marketing communications. However, the cost of this is often a significant monthly expense. By embedding WebRTC into online and mobile applications, businesses are able to limit 800-number call frequency while simultaneously delivering improved customer service.

Enhance Income Drivers

In industries where interaction with a live agent is extremely valuable during certain time periods, using WebRTC to orchestrate immediate connections delivers service solutions that drive revenue for businesses. For example, hospitality, airline, and rental service providers are beginning to recognize the capacity to offer premium programs that increase income. Customers can elect to access immediate assistance for booking information in real-time, which eliminates waiting in lines. This type of advanced service helps establish brand differentiation, a desirable goal for many companies.

Integrate Service Solutions

Relators, contractors, and other service-based companies face communication challenges during the early phases of a contract. Often customers have various ideas and want to see a variety of options — a time-consuming process when emails, phone calls, and appointments are factored in. However, real-time communication delivers business solutions that remove inefficiencies.

With real-time connection through a browser, clients can offer immediate comments on drawings, properties, and designs during a collaborative session. This improves efficiency, speeding the process without diminishing service.

WebRTC is changing the face of business service. Discover more about improving business profitability by contacting Focal Solutions for a no-obligation consultation.

Growing Small Business with VoIP

shutterstock_152025617Finding the right Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider for small business can be tricky. This business tool delivers cost-effective solutions that help streamline tasks and improve productivity, but there’s a big difference between understanding the benefits that are available and actually integrating a solution that will engender business expansion and outreach.

Knowing the aspects of VoIP infrastructure that actually drive business growth can help companies create actionable guidelines for choosing a service provider. These specific performance features have the ability to expand small business capabilities and maximize growth potential.


A scalable solution is essential for most small business models. For example, many service-based companies experience seasonal fluctuations, and rather than invest in an extensive infrastructure that isn’t needed, it’s more cost-efficient to scale usage through a provider. With the cloud, businesses have the power to escalate or diminish communication and IT capabilities. Moreover, as business expands, flexible scalability ensures that increased usage won’t create an increase in IT headaches.

Intuitive Administration

Many small businesses operate with slim margins, making it difficult to staff a full-time IT department. With cloud-based VoIP, companies experience a user-friendly interface that allows effortless routing, calling options, and similar administrative functions. Further, a team of experts ensures that maintenance and support tasks are performed at the service level, so businesses can concentrate on performing mission critical tasks without dealing with frequent or unexpected downtime.

Automated Routing

With VoIP, small businesses can take advantage of routing solutions that limit hold times and other enhancements designed to improve customer service by improving business responsiveness. For example, the system is able to route off-hours emergency calls directly to on-call personnel, so that customers are able to reach a professional rather than an answering service. It’s also able to ring several numbers at once, giving a particular staff member the ability to connect from a variety of locations.

Enhanced Mobility

More and more business models depend upon a growing mobile workforce. Employees, especially the sales staff, are more productive when they are able to conduct activities from a remote location. Many service providers offer mobile optimization through software applications that empower small businesses by delivering instant connections to real-time business and client information.

Business growth doesn’t just happen; it’s the result of dedication and development. With VoIP solutions and the right service provider, companies can optimize their current resources and make improvements that deliver positive results. Contact Focal Solutions to learn more about how to orchestrate company growth and lasting success with VoIP.